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     My interactions at DeepCleaners surpassed my expectations in every way. Communication was a breeze and the staff members were all wonderfully warm.
Wendy W.18/12/2023
     Phenomenal service, I have retained two cleaners from them and they are reliable and highly skilled.
Alicia Smith18/10/2023
     It was an amazing experience from commencement to end. The cleaners put tremendous effort into making sure that our tight timing was taken into consideration and that we are given an all-encompassing end of rental deep clean. Every single thing sparkled once they were done with it. Great customer service and astonishing outcome altogether.
Tyria Grant02/08/2023
     What a positive experience, right from the beginning till the very end! The cleaners made sure that our time-constraints were kept in mind as they worked towards providing us with a complete end of lease deep cleaning session. Every surface shined after they completed their job! Exceptional customer service and flawless outcomes!
Kayleigh Stevens02/08/2023
     From initiation to accomplishment, we had an incredible experience here! The cleaner worked diligently to meet our limited schedule, while still delivering us a thorough end of tenancy deep clean service! Absolutely every detail was polished when they were done with it! Remarkable customer care, plus extraordinary results!
Tina Walsh02/08/2023
     There have been multiple occasions where I've taken advantage of their cleaning services and each experience has left me amazed at the quality of their work. I highly recommend this company without any reservation.
Raylee Khan11/05/2023
     I have worked with DeepCleaning twice, and I was impressed with their cleaning service every time. I will continue working with you, guys.
     Thank you, DeepCleaning, for the thorough cleaning service. My flat now looks shiny and smells amazing. Thank you once more.
     These cleaners did an incredible task. They worked hard to ensure my flat was spotless. I loved their great positive attitude. Thank you for your service.
     An incredible end of tenancy cleaning service offered by Deep Cleaning Company. The cleaning process was effective, and the flat was left spotless. I would recommend you, guys, to my friends and family.
     The cleaning service is fast and very effective. I would recommend their service. My carpet now looks awesome!
     The carpet cleaners have once again done an amazing job. I cannot wait to hire them once again. Thanks!
     I'll never have any other company that's not London Deep Cleaning Services to clean my home again! Efficient, Professional and considerate. They even did the job in much less time than they had approximated! Can't find a better company in the area.
     The area hasn't seen a really good cleaning firm until Deep Cleaning came along. Carpet cleaners, domestic cleaning, they do it all. At reasonable prices, too. I recommend them.
Wallace Bell03/07/2019
     Good quality domestic cleaning from London Deep Cleaning Services. Cheap and efficient, can't argue with that.
Tommy Boyle10/06/2019
     My partner recommended we hire Deep Cleaners London because they do cleaning at his work, and we are so impressed with how well the cleaners did in our home.
Julia Miles17/05/2019
     The cleaners from DeepCleaners are a class above the rest. I knew they were different the moment I called the company. They kept saying all the right things and I was thinking that it's too good to be true. How wrong I was! They kept to their promises. They completed all tasks they said they would within the stipulated amount of time. On top of that they were just a pleasure to be around. I look forward to welcoming them into my house in the future.
Adrian S.18/04/2019
     Upholstery cleaning is a real pain and is a rather delicate job. I let the professionals handle it at DeepCleaning. It just makes sense. They always carry out the job professionally, always get results, and the service is cheap too. It's the perfect combination.
Helena S.13/03/2019
     I had lots of work that needed doing. I hadn't been home for some time and my property was in a real state. I needed home cleaning specialists and I needed them fast. Because of a recommendation I called and hired Deep Cleaning Services. A couple of cleaners came around the next day and they didn't let me down. Everything was completed within the allotted amount of time and it was all completed to a high standard. What a company!
F. Ridge08/02/2019
     My house was in a terrible state but the home cleaning specialists from Deep Cleaning Services took care of everything with ease.
Lance H.16/01/2019
     Use DeepCleaning to help with the home cleaning and totally couldn't cope without them. Fantastic service at a very fair price.
Carol Fitzgerald28/11/2018
      Deep Cleaners London claimed they were rug cleaning specialists and that they certainly were.
J. Houston09/10/2018
     I am too busy to handle the cleaning at my flat, so I rang up London Deep Cleaning Services for an introductory price quote. The individual on the phone was quite helpful and patient in answering all of my inquiries regarding the service they provide. I was satisfied and scheduled an initial cleaning. I found this company performed an excellent job, my flat was left sparkling clean. I will be scheduling further appointments for bi-monthly cleanings. Impressed and delighted with the entire process.
Leeland Parker11/09/2018
     As their cleaning staff are local, fully insured and bonded, I had little concern regarding allowing them into my flat for a quick pre-party cleanup. I was so impressed and delighted with the quality of their service and lucrative deal offered, that I called them back again to clean up after the party as well. They now have a loyal customer.
Jean McCauley17/08/2018
      DeepCleaners lives up to their most excellent customer review ratings from residents in London. I have used them for domestic cleaning for years now and will continue to do so.
Nana Williamson02/08/2018
     Totally satisfied with the job done on my flat. DeepCleaners is local and is spot on when it comes to cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.
Dalia Merriweather17/07/2018
     I'm planning on hiring Deep Cleaning Company again and again. Their cleaners haven't given me a reason not to.
Andy D.11/06/2018
     Their cleaners deep cleaned my kitchen. London Deep Cleaning Services certainly employ a top cleaning crew.
Max H.15/05/2018
     I'm so glad I hired Deep Cleaning Company and their house cleaning experts. I don't know what I would've done without their expert help.
Aly T.27/04/2018
     Based on my experiences, this cleaning company is head and shoulders above the rest. Deep Cleaners London stand out like a beacon of light in this industry. It's no surprise why that's the case.
Lauren H.03/04/2018
     I had my first session from Deep Cleaning Company today and am very pleased, my flat looks as good as new. I look forward to it staying that way for once.
Kevin Biosh30/03/2018
     I no longer have to worry about domestic cleaning. I know I can just call DeepCleaners and everything will be taken care of at a fair price.
P. Harding27/02/2018
      London Deep Cleaning Services did our house cleaning when we first moved in and considering how much of a state the previous owners had left it, they did an outstanding job to make it look and feel genuinely clean again.
Dana Django22/01/2018
     I was impressed with the speed and quality of their cleaning service. I will use Deep Cleaning Services again.
Aisha S.13/12/2017
     The cleaners from London Deep Cleaning Services did a tremendous job with my domestic cleaning needs. I have no complaints at all.
N. Carpenter20/11/2017
     I'll without doubt be using Deep Cleaners London in the future. They did such a good job with my domestic cleaning, I'll have to use them again.
P. Manning05/10/2017
     My oven got so bad that I couldn't cook food in it any more. I had to call Deep Cleaning Services to sort it out, and thankfully their cleaning services restored my oven to a much cleaner state. The service cost me barely anything compared to other companies thanks to their great discount. Highly recommended.
Yvonne Hannigan14/09/2017
     I was glad to invite London Deep Cleaning Services and their cleaners into my messy office. Without them, I wouldn't really be able to work, so thank you very much for your excellent services!
Stephen Cooper05/09/2017
     Affordable, top-quality domestic cleaning; that's what was provided to me by Deep Cleaners London, and I couldn't have asked for anything more.
Ian F.21/08/2017
     If you ever need help with domestic cleaning, I suggest you get ahold of DeepCleaners!!! I can't believe what a difference they made, especially with their carpet cleaning for such a cheap service! Great company!
Rob Smith28/07/2017
     I hate cleaning windows. Unfortunately, my windows were due for a good cleaning. A co-worker recommended that I give Deep Cleaners London a try for my window cleaning needs. I don't think my windows have ever sparkled like this. I will definitely use this service in the future.
Lisa G.27/06/2017
     We don't always want to spend our money inappropriately. I work with Deep Cleaning Company because they offer lucrative deals on their end of tenancy cleaning services.
Y. Reid01/06/2017
     Satisfaction is when you can work with a cleaning company that values your opinion. This was my latest experience when working with DeepCleaning.
K. Holmes15/05/2017
      Deep Cleaning Services are worth every penny you will spend on hiring this cleaning agency. My home has never looked better even after a house party, now that's commitment. Cheers gang.
     Two teenagers at home who love to invite their friends over is a mess. I was a distraught woman till I found Deep Cleaning Services. My kids even pay for their cleaning service out of their own money. Happy Days!
     Hired DeepCleaning for end of tenancy cleaning a week ago. They cleaned my flat to a high standard and helped me get my deposit back. The service was cheap and top-notch!
Reeves L.10/03/2017
     Cheap and efficient spring cleaning service! My home is immaculate again thanks to DeepCleaning!
Gabriel J.09/02/2017
     They sent a team of cleaners to handle the job as soon as I called them. Would recommend Deep Cleaning London!
     Great cleaning work at my place - cheap and thorough! Thank you Deep Cleaning!
Amanda L.07/12/2016
      Deep Cleaning Services did a fantastic job with getting the office clean last week. We spent a lot of time looking for good and cost-effective commercial cleaners, but they had been right there, waiting for us to snatch them up and have them do the work. Excellent one at that, if I might add!
Rory Davies24/11/2016
     Used DeepCleaners for the first time a week ago. Their end of tenancy cleaning service was cheap and the team really considerate. The flat was immaculate when they finished the job! Will use them should I have to move again!
Katya L.08/11/2016
     The price is right and the home cleaning work - great. I give Deep Cleaning London big thumbs up.
Jim M. 28/10/2016
     I'm DeepCleaning's biggest fan! They've never let me down and whenever I need any kind of cleaning service, they deliver promptly and professionally. They don't have any problem in obliging me even when I call them for a same day service. Incredible company!
Sally H.28/09/2016
     Thrilled with the work of Deep Cleaning Company. Their cleaners showed some real reliability with their work and provided me with the best damn domestic cleaning this house has seen. And that is a real fact; I have really never been so thorough with my chores. They brought the good working hand and the excellent prices. Thank you!
      Deep Cleaners London were brilliant when I wanted a stain removed from my rug in my lounge. I had spilt black coffee and couldn't get rid of it with normal carpet cleaning detergent. Luckily this team were able to come on same day and sort the problem out. I was so pleased, and it didn't cost a lot either!
     If this is your first time hiring a home cleaning company, I recommend that you go straight to DeepCleaners. Ever since I had a promotion at work, I've been using various local cleaning firms, and these guys are by far the best! For the low price they offer, you'll get a service which rivals and often beats anyone else's! Whenever they send their cleaners round, you can be confident knowing that they'll get everything totally spotless, and will go out of their way to accommodate for your personal needs. Great value for a nearly perfect service!
Polly G.17/11/2015
     Big thanks to DeepCleaners for sorting out the stains on my armchairs! I'd been trying for weeks to get them out but nothing seemed to work. The upholstery cleaner I was sent was really great at her job and got the stains out without any problems. I'm so grateful!
Tom V.14/10/2015
     If you hate house cleaning as much as I do then you need to call Deep Cleaning Services! Their home cleaning service is perfection, and always leaves my home looking amazingly clean. I've saved hours of cleaning with them, and they aren't too expensive either. I couldn't ask for anything more from my cleaning company!
     I required some one-off cleaning support and so I hired Deep Cleaning Services. Their cleaning team were able to handle the job quickly and thoroughly. The mess was gone, and my home was perfect in no time.
Jim Trask24/09/2015
     My friend had raved about Deep Cleaning Company so I thought that I'd try them out. After my experience with them, they are now definitely my premier choice cleaning company.
     Your team took into consideration all my suggestions before starting with the house cleaning. I had my daughter's birthday party coming up and had to ensure that the house was clutter free, dust free and spotless. They dusted the ceilings, vacuumed the floor and cleaned the kitchen and windows in just two days. They were swift and did not waste a minute, they left the house immaculate. I just wanted to let your team know that we had a great party and everyone praised my spotlessly clean house. A big thank you to DeepCleaning.
Mrs. Martina J.19/08/2015
     I just love London Deep Cleaning Services; they make my life so much easier! If like me, you are looking for an answer to your oven cleaning problems then this is the team you need! I am thrilled with the results and now they come on a weekly or sometimes fortnightly basis to clean my oven for me. My oven has never looked so clean. Now cooking doesn't have to see such a hassle and nightmare because the task of cleaning it has been taken care of!
Ginger M.07/08/2015
     My office staff and I had tried for a very short time to do all the cleaning work ourselves. We failed. Our usual work is so demanding we didn't have time to keep every part of the building clean. We thought it best to hire some help and Deep Cleaning London was who we selected. They proved to be the best team for the job as they saw to all cleaning work. The office is now clean and we can concentrate on our work. We don't know how we managed without their help.
Lilly Michaels31/07/2015
     When I moved out of my student accommodation, thank goodness for London Deep Cleaning Services is all I can say! There must've been three years' accumulated dust and grime where I was too busy studying or partying to deal with. They got it done for me in record time and at an amazing price too which considering my financial circumstances at the time we an achievement!
Robyn Mitchell 14/07/2015
     I was very happy with the carpet cleaning service I hired from a local company called DeepCleaners. From the first call to the actual cleaning service it all went so well. The work was done exceptionally well and at a good cost.
Paul Peterson03/07/2015
     We use DeepCleaners because they are a good company. I can rely on them to help me do my job - keep everybody in the company's offices happy. This cleaning company has proven itself to be efficient at their work and always on time, finishing the cleaning before the working day would start. It is perfect for me because I would rather have all the cleaning work done before the people come in to work, since I don't want to keep offices open for another hour or so after they leave work and stay up. So I would rather get everything done in the morning with this agency.
Jordan Bob23/06/2015
     We have used DeepCleaners in our new office for about a year now. They help maintain the new look of our workplace, encouraging more clients to step in. Our office is full of expo products we put out in order to provide information about our company in more detail. This cleaning company has helped us to make the place more presentable, more professionally looking. I'd definitely recommend them to any other commercial organization; they know their job and they are good at it.
Sam Marks17/06/2015
     I had been working abroad for a few months and my home in the UK was vacant during that time. When I returned I instantly called Deep Cleaning Services to send their cleaners to my house for a thorough clean throughout. I've used the cleaning company before as they used to do my regular clean before I went abroad. I wasn't disappointed either. By the time I actually arrived home, they'd already been in and the place was immaculate! What a delight that was. Hat's off to them as the best value cleaners around!
John Turner10/06/2015
     I had just bought a new rug when some paint was spilled onto it. Rather than getting angry, I decided to calmly call Deep Cleaning London. I knew their team would be able to help me fix everything and they indeed were. Their cleaners came to my address sympathetic and ready for work. They applied various detergents and materials and within an hour, the stain was gone. I can't thank them enough for saving my carpet.
Angela M.26/05/2015
     Having pets and children means my carpet is rarely clean. I struggled to keep up with the food, drink spills, paint hair, crumbs and whatever else plagued my carpets so I turned to Deep Cleaning Company for help. They gave me the support and services I needed, sending a top cleaning team to my address to tackle everything. The floors were immaculate by the time they were done, and even though I know my carpets will be messy again before long, I know I have them to help me.
Matthew Skinner15/05/2015
     DeepCleaning's cleaners did a fabulous job and I am pleased with the output. I originally thought that paying for spring cleaning just did not make sense. I am very cautious about where I spend my hard earned money. But now that the cleaning has been completed, I must say that it was worth every penny. My house has never looked so fabulous before. Thank you for the immense effort put in by your team.
Annabelle G.07/05/2015
     I am pleased with the trustworthy team members of DeepCleaning who have done a brilliant job in cleaning the rugs and carpets in the house I rented recently. I had contacted a number of other carpet cleaners but was impressed with the way this company had structured their prices. Thanks a lot for making the carpets look as good as new.
Joe Jenkins01/05/2015
     The office looks great! Many of my colleagues congratulate me on the choice of cleaning service. Deep Cleaning London left the office sparklingly clean and shining. They managed to take it to a whole new level of cleanliness! I am so happy I hired them. They are now coming on a regular basis every end of the week. The floors in the building are now shining and completely free of stains or markings.
Hayley S.24/04/2015
     I have an elderly mother and I work full time, which means I don't always have the time to go round and clean. She is unable to do all her cleaning herself, so finding a reliable set of cleaners was imperative. I cannot express how happy I am that the cleaners at Deep Cleaning Company are so affordable and friendly! My cleaner is like my best friend now! Thank you!
     I have a 7-month-old toddler that will pick up practically anything and crawl into everything. She accidentally knocked over some curry sauce I had left on the floor in a pot when the doorbell rang. I came back to find a mess everywhere and she was crying. I called a friend panicked and she recommended me Deep Cleaning. Within a few hours, a cleaner came over and was able to restore my carpet back to normal! I am so grateful!
     Cleaning is the most boring thing I can imagine. I just don't have time for it in between my busy work schedule so I decided to get someone else to do it for me. DeepCleaners are totally affordable and have really reliable domestic cleaners. I love coming home each night to a clean apartment - it's like having my own magical cleaning fairy!
Danielle L.24/03/2015
     Deep Cleaning Company is the kind of service provider that really wants you as a customer to be happy with their service - from the moment you call them to the moment the cleaner leaves your house. I experienced their attention to detail on my own skin and I must say that they are fantastic!
Samantha 17/03/2015
     Now the kids are both teenagers and working part time jobs, we decided to hire a domestic cleaner. I spent all their younger years cleaning up after them, so we decided as a family to each chip in some money and have the home cleaned properly. We contacted Deep Cleaning and are pleased we did. It is a really nice feeling to have someone do the hard work and we just get to relax and be a family in a neat and tidy home.
Evelyn R.09/03/2015
     I wanted my work place cleaning as I just didn't have enough time. I hired Deep Cleaning London as they had some good offers available. The work they did was amazing they scrubbed, polished, mopped and vacuumed until the place looked immaculate. I was so pleased with the results and the price.
Helen Price21/02/2015
     I had just had my third baby and simply didn't have the time and energy for the housework. My mum suggested I give the cleaning company she used a call and let them do the chores for a while until I felt better. I called London Deep Cleaning Services and booked a cleaning date. The cleaners arrived with tools and detergents and started the cleaning. I had booked a spring clean service so the place got a thorough clean. I was very pleased with how efficient and caring the staff was. I was thrilled with the results and will certainly use them more often now.
L. George12/02/2015
     If you want a reliable and reputable cleaning firm to clean your home use Deep Cleaning Services, they are brilliant. The work is done competently and quickly. The cleaners are efficient and know what to do. The company provides the supplies and tools for the job. You can choose from a range of cleaning services. My house looks brilliant and clean.
Darrell Bowen04/02/2015
     I wasn't getting any younger and struggled to clean my large 4 bedroom house. I decided to use a cleaning company my daughter used called Deep Cleaners London. They were a great help, the friendly office arranged a time to suit me and sent tow polite and hardworking cleaners to do the work. They did a smashing job and the place hadn't looked that good in years.
May Johnson27/01/2015
     Of all of the different cleaning companies which I've tried in the past, there's only one who I think sticks out enough for me to recommend them to friends and family. Because of this high quality help, they're the only cleaning service I'll use these days. For the best help, I know that I can give Deep Cleaning Company a call and be sure that all of the rooms in my home will be utterly spotless, whether I'm planning a big party or just wanting to relax. They do a lot of hard work, just so that I don't have to. Very good, very good standards.
Evan Flowers07/01/2015
      I recently booked a cleaning service with Deep Cleaning London and the service they provide was so awesome that I have to share it with you guys! We live in a large house and the amount of cleaning work that needs to be done adds up to a lot. But their cleaners never complained about it. Instead, they went through the whole house meticulously, cleaning every square inch and even parts that we hadn't requested. They also used green and safe cleaning products which was a huge advantage, especially because I have kids. I would always recommend this company to everyone.
     What can I say about Deep Cleaning that hasn't been said before. All their claims on their website are true. They do provide a wide range of cleaning services - I got my garage and porch cleaned, they arrive on time, work very quietly - because I did have a little baby at home who is a sensitive napper, and they will transform your home, or at least the parts of it that they clean. I would heartily recommend their services to everyone who is too busy to clean their house themselves.
     I was fed up of my tiled and wood floor looking grubby that I hired a specialist company to clean them. Though this type of flooring is hardwearing it still gets dirty and needs a good clean from time to time. I used Deep Cleaning Company who did an excellent job. The office staff was brilliant and easy to deal with. The date was set and the cleaners arrived on time with all of their equipment and solutions to sort the job. I was quoted a good price and the final result was very impressive.
Sam Hanson24/11/2014