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12Oct 2015
How to Clean and Desinfect Your Washing Mashine

Cleaning Washing Machine
If you are a regular in using the washing machine, be it because you have a large family, or you use a lot of clothes, you have to be aware of one thing: it is going to need some cleaning from time to time. It is surprising how people are able to completely forget about the fact that their washing machine is constantly processing water and detergent, but also grime and dirt.

One more notable problem you may have noticed is a nasty musty smell coming from the drum. Obviously this is not a condition you want to tolerate, so it pays to know how you can perform effective cleaning on your washing machine.

A front loading washing machine is what the majority of people are using. To ensure that it remains sanitised and fresh at all times, you have to develop a regular cleaning routine. That is the only way to ensure the clothes you are taking out are smell-free and clean. There is also the fact that a front-loading machine is more susceptible to mold and mildew. Once you have decided it is time to give your machine washer a good clean, here is how you do it:

- Inspect for mold and mildew - as it was already mentioned, front loaders may develop mildew and mold. This mostly occurs under the rubber gasket lining the door in order to prevent leaks. Even if there is no smell coming from your washing machine, there is no guarantee that mold and mildew are not present. If you have never inspected the rubber gasket before, doing so now may reveal some shocking sights. If you notice such problem, you have to act quickly. Use bleach as the most effective solution for this type of cleaning. Soak a rag in 50/50 mix of bleach and water and wipe down the whole gasket. This should take care of most of the mold and mildew, but in case any remain, you should shove a towel in the gasket with the same mix and let it sit for 30 minutes.

Cleaning with Bleach
- Scrub the gasket
- once you are done with the bleach procedure, you need a more targeted approach. Cleaning individual spots under the gasket is best done with an old toothbrush. The initial soak with bleach should have cleaned most of the mold and mildew in case such was the problem before. Working with a small brush to locate remaining dirty spots will likely thoroughly clean it.

- Clean all of the rugs and towels you have used in cleaning so far - you may throw them, but a thorough washing on the hottest setting will help clean them in no time.

Cleaning Rugs
- Run a second cycle with vinegar
- since bleach and vinegar should never be mixed, you should run a second cycle after the first one to sanitise your washing machine. Use vinegar the second time and don’t forget to put the machine on the hottest setting again to sanitise the interior.

- Clean the detergent dispenser - even though this particular area of your washing machine is likely not in dire need of cleaning, you will do well to clean it anyway. Remove the dispenser and use a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water to sanitise it. Wipe down the interior where the dispenser goes as well.

Cleaning Outside the Oven
- Clean the interior part of the door
- use the same mixture of vinegar and water to get the inside part of the door clean and sparkling. Treat the part of the door where water pools with extra care.

- Tips for maintaining the washing machine clean - if you want to avoid serious problems with your washing machine, you can give the rubber gasket a quick wipe after each washing. Getting the excess water out of there will ensure no mold and mildew. Allow air to circulate by leaving the door slightly ajar. Don’t leave wet clothes inside for too long and instead be prompt about taking them out.

Washing Machine Cleaning
Do consider all of these tips for a well cleaned washing machine. That will ensure no potential problems with using the machine and always freshly cleaned clothes that smell great.

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