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29Apr 2015
Top Tips for Builders Cleaning in Islington

after builders cleaning
While everyone is anxious about the builders working in their house in Islington, we get most worried about the cleaning after them. With any change in the house, big or small, the cleaning part thereafter becomes a major task. However, with proper planning and execution, you will be able to reclaim your spotless house back. Try not to cut corners and do the after builders cleaning efficiently.

•    Pre-work to avoid too much post-work

Before the builders are ready to come to your home in the N1 district, make sure you wrap the electrical, curios and almost everything you can in plastic wraps. If you find it to be a huge task, you may cover them with a cloth sheet and be sure to carefully tuck the corners in. Place a paper cutting over the plug points and secure it with tape. Fold the loose wires of the equipment around the house in a neat loop and tie them with a rubber band or a twist wire.

clean after construction work
•    Make the builders clean up

Even if they agree to do a part of the cleanup apart from removing the plaster pieces or rubble, make sure you make it clear while drafting a contract.

builders clean up
•    Sequencing the activities

The best way to deal with this type of home cleaning is to start with the farthest room in the house in Islington, NW1. Clean room by room and seal them off as they are done. Try not to get anything out of the covers and wraps unless you need it urgently.

cleaning equipment
•    Keep the equipment handy

Make a list of things you will require to clean the house. You may consider things like old clothes/rags, newspapers, brushes, gloves, cleaning agents, towels, dusters, dust pans, etc. Make sure you don’t ruin your household tools, get the correct ones.

•    Builders dust

These tiny particles find their way through everything in the house in the N1. At the first glance it seems like they will never leave you alone. Get your carpet brush and gently collect the dust on a paper sheet or a dustpan. While cleaning the floors, remove the chunky pieces first and, using a broom, gather all the dust in one corner. Try to sweep the entire house for better results. Run a moist cloth on doors, windows and walls. To reduce the dust, mop the floors damp so that the dust is caught on them.

house cleaning
•    Don’t forget hard-to-reach places

Windowsill, couch corners, curtain gathers, blinds and the like will need thorough vacuuming. Use a damp cloth to gather the residual dirt. Make sure not to miss these otherwise tricky and easy-to-miss surfaces.

window cleaners
•    Duplicate efforts

Cleaning up just once will not be enough. Keep the doors and windows of youe home in Islington open to allow the atmospheric dust to escape. Use a vacuum cleaner only once the major dust is removed, otherwise you should be ready to replace it. Be patient, it can take a few days or even weeks to be finally free from all of it.

professional cleaners
•    Professional cleaners

If you wish to save yourself the hassle of builders cleaning, you may hire professionals from a cleaning company who know well how to deal with such situations. There are many players in the market who are respected and reputed as leaders. With the growing technology, one can keep track on the progress and get regular updates. There are customised as well as standardised packages available for builders clean up.

Good luck! Enjoy your refurbished home.

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