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22 November 2016
Take Care of Dirty Carpets with These Carpet Cleaning Tips

carpet cleaning
A beautifully well designed rug or carpet is often the focal point of any room. As well as putting it out on show, you’d want to maintain its fine features and the unique details that make it such a striking part of a room. Care for your carpets and rugs by cleaning them regularly. However, it’s essential you use the appropriate cleaning techniques; otherwise you may be doing more harm than good.  Use our advice and we can guarantee you that you’ll be amazed at what transpires.

cleaning products
1.    Use the items in your cupboard.

If you don’t fancy spending your money on a carpet cleaner that may or may not work on your carpet, try out some cleaning techniques using your regular household items. A teaspoon of salt on the affected area is an effective way to remove any liquid stains, as it draws out moisture and minimizes the spread of a stain. Once the stain has been taken care of, get rid of any nasty odours by sprinkling some baking soda onto the carpet fibres. Alternatively, once you have blot dried the stain as much as you can, treat the area with a vinegar- water solution and gently dab at the area with a soft microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are a great piece of kit to have handy because they can be reused, easily cleaned and are machine washable. But as with any form of treatment you give your carpet, make sure you test it on a little corner of your carpet first to ensure there’s no discolouration or bad reaction to the products you’re using.

baking soda
2.    Powders are the way to go.

Baking soda is a great way to remove odours from carpets, but there are plenty of other carpet cleaners out there that can be used on your carpet to help remove both dirt and odours. If you can, it’s well worth getting your hands on a powder cleaning product as opposed to a cream or another wet cleaning product. Wet products, if not used properly could actually cause a stain to spread. You will then have to spend time waiting for the area to dry, so using a cleaning powder would be the safest bet. Powders are easy to use. Simply sprinkle the powder over your carpet, leave it for an hour or so to let it work its’ magic and then vacuum clean the area to finish.

washing carpets
3.    Carpet shampoos and wet cleaners can work just as well.

If you go to the cleaning store, tell them the nature of your carpet problem and are recommended a shampoo, don’t worry; shampoos can work just as well as powders. Make up a solution and scrub into the affected area. Then simply leave to dry and vacuum clean for a fantastic finish.

carpet cleaners
4.    Do the best by your carpets and put them in the hands of a well reputed cleaning company.

If your carpet or rug is quite old or an antique, it may be worth getting in touch with a specialist rug cleaning company. Delicate carpet fibres and intricate carpet designs could easily be damaged if you use the wrong techniques, so if your carpet is worth a great deal to you, call up a cleaning agency and let their team of professional cleaners get on the job. Although it may cost a little bit extra, at least this way, you’ll know that your carpet is in safe hands and is receiving the best possible care and treatment.

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