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23Jun 2015
Spruce Up Your Sofas in Brixton with These Simple Techniques

sofa cleaning
It’s little good having a beautiful, expensive, comfortable sofa in Brixton, but seeing it gradually deteriorate because you don’t see to its upkeep. You may not know what to do to clean your sofa but there are plenty of techniques that you can use, all of which will do wonders for the appearance of your sofa. So check out these quick, easy and inexpensive ways to drastically improve the state of your sofa, because no matter how dirty, smelly or stained your sofa material may be, there’s always something that you can do to make the situation better.

vacuum sofas
1.    Get your vacuum cleaner out.

Vacuum cleaners are fantastic, and nowadays they come with an array of different nozzles and attachments and can be used to clean a variety of different things, not just floors and carpets. Use the small attachments to clean your sofa. When you clean, make sure that you get in the corners and lift the sofa cushions and give them a good clean too. Be thorough in your approach and vacuum every available inch of your sofa in Brixton, SW9 to remove surface dirt and dust.

stain removal
2.    Blot stains and spillages as soon as they occur or become apparent.

Don’t leave stains, thinking that you’ll get round to them another day, because chances are that they will become deep set and will become a lot harder to remove. Blot at liquid stains, working your way from the outside of the stain into the middle, soaking up as much liquid as possible which will reduce the chances of the stain spreading and will make it easier to clean later on.

wash sofa covers
3.    Removable covers.

If your sofa cushions in SW2 have removable covers, this will really help you and make it a lot easier to clean them. If this is the case, you really won’t have any excuse not to clean them regularly. Take the covers off and put them in the washing machine, but be sure to check the material first to ensure that they’re machine washable. Alternatively, take them to your local dry cleaner and get them cleaned professionally.

furniture cleaners
4.    There are a number of different methods that you could use to tackle upholstery cleaning.

Depending on what you have available in the SW9 area, there are a range of solutions you can use and techniques you can implement to clean your sofa’s upholstery material. You can buy yourself some store-bought cleaning products or alternatively, make simple solutions using items that should be readily available in your kitchen cupboard. A laundry detergent and water solution can be used to wipe down your upholstery. White vinegar can be used to remove surface stains and baby wipes are great for removing surface dirt. For stain removal, pour some vinegar onto a soft microfiber cloth and gently wipe the affected area. To give your upholstery an overall clean, gently wipe down with some baby wipes or with the mild detergent-water solution. Once you’ve applied your preferred solution, leave it to dry naturally, or if you’re short of time, open up some windows or use a hair dryer to aid the drying process.

upholstery cleaning services
5.    Use the services of a professional cleaning agency.

If you’re not having any luck or if you feel the situation can’t be salvaged using homemade solutions, call up a cleaning company in Brixton. Do your homework before you book a cleaning service and if you can, hire a service from a professional team of upholstery cleaners.  They’ll certainly know what to do and with their specialist equipment and secret techniques, your stains will be sorted out in no time at all.

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