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11 March 2016
Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Services – Giving You Heaven at Your Feet

Rug Cleaning ServicesOur rug cleaning services are carried out by a team of caring and efficient staff, who have all had extensive training and experience in all areas of domestic and commercial cleaning and complete every cleaning job with the best results possible. For the best quality rug cleaning that you can trust, think of Deep Cleaning, who have had years of experience in the cleaning industry, removing the most tricky stains and odours, as well as cleaning even the most delicate of materials. When you require effective rug cleaning with astounding results, choose us and we guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with our excellent cleaning services.

It can be tough cleaning rugs, especially when they contain delicate materials and fabric fibres, which you are unsure of how to clean effectively. Rugs are just like carpets in the way that they are prime targets for dust, hair, odours, dirt, stains, spilt liquids, dropped food and even bugs and fleas. If you are a home owner who smokes, allows animals to lie on your rugs and carpets or has young children, you may notice how difficult it can be to keep on top of your rug cleaning duties. Maintaining a healthy, fresh and clean rug that both looks and feels great is no easy feat, as it is both time consuming and can be quite costly too.

Rug Cleaning LondonUsually, before calling in a professional cleaning company to tackle your rugs and carpets, most people will attempt buying expensive cleaning products in the hope to find the solution on a shop shelf. Unfortunately, most of these types of products are not even slightly effective for stain removal and deep cleaning. Such cleaning agents do just two things: 1) they make you believe that they are a great, much needed substance because of its large price tag and 2) due to its strong perfumed aroma you believe that it has done a great job on cleaning your rug because of the refreshing smell it has left behind. However, more often than not, these products don’t do much more than simply making your rug smell better. Using the wrong products on delicate and special materials can ruin, stain, shrink, or damage them in some way and most of the time the effects are not reversible.

All of our cleaning services can give you peace of mind knowing that your property, furniture and upholsteries are left in good hands. We like to do a thorough job on all of our cleaning projects, so you can guarantee that we won’t miss a spot or stain on your rug. Due to the fact that we possess adequate knowledge and experience in the rug cleaning trade, you can guarantee that we have a clear understanding of what products and equipment should be used on each type of fabric and other materials. Great quality, professional and safe cleaning services are what we specialise in and always give great results.

Look after your rugs and carpets because they deserve it. You will be amazed at just how great your rug and room will look, simply by hiring us to clean your rug for you. Our cleans are performed with such great quality and care that your rug will stay looking in excellent condition and feeling brilliant for a good while afterwards. Treat your rug to a thorough and professional clean every now and then to keep your rug looking new, clean and healthy. Say goodbye to expensive, useless shop bought cleaning agents and hello to the best rug cleaning services around!

For more information, quotes or to book our services now, call 020 3397 3284 where Deep Cleaning are always ready to help you!

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