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13Mar 2015
Kitchen Cleaning in Marylebone Doesn't Have To Be Hard If You Know What You're Doing

kitchen cleaning
It’s vital that you clean your kitchen in Marylebone on regular occasions, if not to give it a sparkling finish and make it look attractive, then at least to get rid of all that bacteria and food stains that appear over time. Think about it; you don’t want to be preparing food on surfaces that have breeding bacteria all over the place! In addition to getting bacteria transferred onto your food, a dirty kitchen can also attract a host of other organisms, much larger than bacterial colonies. So if your kitchen is in a dirty state, nip it in the bud and do something about it, using some of these top tips to get your kitchen not only sparkling clean, but also sanitised and hazard free. Home cleaning will be a lot easier if you try out these tips, so give them a go and prepare to be amazed at what transpires!

house cleaning
1.    Preparation is the key to getting your house clean.

With house cleaning in Marylebone, W1 in general, but especially for kitchen cleaning, it’s essential to prepare for the job in order to get the greatest amount of success out of what you want to achieve. Sure, the task of getting your kitchen spotless and dirt free is going to be gruelling, may take some time and will most definitely require a lot of elbow grease, so stocking your cupboard with the right equipment is a must. Get yourself a couple of packs of coarse sponges, which are great when it comes to trying to remove any stubborn marks and stains. Next, get your hands on plenty of antibacterial spray, cloths and mops, which will enable you to give your kitchen the deep clean that it’s desperately crying out for.

declutter your kitchen
2.    De-clutter!

Remove all your plates, cutlery, tables and chairs if you can, racks and anything else cluttering up your kitchen, so that you have a bit more space in which to work your magic.

oven cleaning
3.    Begin cleaning your kitchen appliances.

Ovens and microwaves are notorious for harbouring bits of food, crumbs and stains that become hardened and difficult to remove over time. That’s why oven cleaning is a must; don’t just think that because the inside of your oven remains closed off from the rest of the kitchen, you can just neglect cleaning this area. You don’t even need any industrial type cleaners to get your oven cleaned so there really are no excuses. Simply make a paste with some baking soda and water, and then scrub it over every surface of your oven. Leave it for a few hours, preferably overnight, then spray with some vinegar, give it a good wipe down, and then marvel at the state of your oven.

clean the hob
4.    Clean your gas hobs, burners and sink.

Giving these areas a good a proper clean can really uplift the entire appearance of your kitchen. Not only are these areas the first that people see when they come into your kitchen, but a clean sink really shows that you take pride in the cleanliness of your kitchen. Cleaning these areas is simple; a warm soapy water solution is enough to do the trick. Simply scrub the affected areas until all stains and food marks are removed, then rinse off the suds and wipe down for a fantastic finish.

domestic cleaners
5.    Get some help in to make the job easier.

Nowadays there are an abundance of cleaning companies out there in Marylebone, all vying for the attention of people in need. Make sure you do your homework before hiring professional cleaning services and a team of professional cleaners.

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