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22 November 2016
How to Clean Your Kitchen Like the Professionals Do on a Budget

kitchen cleaning
For those of us who don’t like cooking, you’re free to skip this article, however if you’re a foodie and love whipping up new delights and desserts in your kitchen, we have a treat for you! Kitchen cleaning is usually the bane of your existence because after all that delicious food and your kitchen smelling like a 5 star restaurant, you’re left with the mammoth task of cleaning. And sometimes, we don’t always feel it is necessary to hire a cleaning company to give our kitchen a good scrub down. It might just be the stove top that needs cleaning or the counters that aren’t very gleam filled anymore, however we have the perfect guide for you here! Cleaning your kitchen can never be simpler and you can give the cleaning agency (and your wallet) a good rest whilst burning up some major calories when it comes down to oven cleaning and making your kitchen sparkle all over again. Because it’s time to fall in love with your kitchen again, here are some awesome tips we’ve put together for you :

oven cleaners
•    Decide on what areas need cleaning. When we cook, it is often that the stove top will become really grimy and grease filled not to mention the vent and the counter tops. You may choose not to clean the entire kitchen in one go (sure is tiring!) however if you can break it down into baby steps, you’d find your work a lot easier. It isn’t necessary to play Superwoman/Superman when it comes to cleaning, bit by bit will make it simpler and you will get to appreciate the cleaner place more.

clean the stove
•    Once you’re done cooking, pour a liquid cleaner spray onto your stove if it is electric, around the hobs and if it is gas, take off the burners and wipe them with a damp cloth. Clean the rack that you usually put around it and then when the stove is bare, the liquid cleaner goes on it. Let it sit there for around 30 mins to 45 mins and then with a scourer as well as a damp cloth, clean it off with warm water and see your stove top shine again!

vent cleaning
•    Your vent is something that simply needs a wipe down as you will often turn it on when you are cooking and it is cold outside preventing you from opening a window. The best solution for this is simply cleaning it with a bit of fairy liquid and wiping it down with a damp clean cloth. Vents are rather simple to clean which brings us onto our next point.

oven clean
•    A lot of professional cleaning companies use this tip to be able to clean ovens. Mix a ¼ cup of white vinegar, you can use apple cider vinegar if you have some with another ¼ cup of Bicarbonate of Soda and fill the rest of the bucket up with warm water. Remove all the grills from the oven and stick them inside the bucket overnight. They will be clean by the next day. As for the oven itself, use bicarbonate of soda again mixed with the vinegar, into a paste and paste it onto the sides. In around a few hours, it will be completely dry, scrape it off and your oven is pristinely perfect again!

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