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15Jul 2015
How To Become A Domestic Cleaning Goddess in Richmond

domestic cleaning
Expert cleaners in Richmond don’t always need to have years of experience and knowledge. There are a few simple cleaning tricks that can make you and instant genius in the world of cleaning. For a general house clean or a deep move out clean this is your guide to knowing your stuff and achieving results that will amaze yourself.

- Carpet cleaning. Sound pretty frightening at the very thought of it, but it need not make you call around instantly looking for a cleaning agency in Richmond , TW9. You will need a stiff brush to start to really lift the dirt and hair that may be ground in and wrapped around carpet fibres. You will be surprised by the instant results this will achieve. Simply vacuum up and enjoy the new look. If things are still looking a bit grubby then try sprinkling on some carpet cleaner or basic baking soda, leave to soak in and work its magic before running the vacuum over again.

carpet cleaning
- Oven cleaning. So having your head in the oven is not the most exciting thing to do. But here are some tips to get the insides sparkling again. It’s a good idea to heat the oven a little to release some of the dirt and grime. You can do this after soaking it in vinegar, lemon juice, or again some of your trusty baking soda. Mixing all three together will make a concoction that will have oven grease running in fear. The grouping of the right products and a little heat and your oven should become easy to wipe clean.

oven cleaning
- Sofa cleaning. Throws, removable covers and easy clean material are all great to keep upholstery cleaning in TW10 to a minimum. Lint rollers and a soft brush are perfect for covers that can’t be removed easily and are a bit harder to maintain. Put a bit of hard work into it and you will see rapid results.

sofa cleaners
- Add fragrance to it. If you are making your own cleaning necessities then you can find an abundance of recipes online. Why not use an old spray bottle and write the ingredients on a sticky label on the back so you know how to make it again. The best tip is to add essential oil for fragrance. Choose from lemon oil for a clean citrus burst, lavender to relax, or cinnamon for calm. This is a great tip for turning you into a goddess and making your home smell like one.

essential oils
- Keep on top of things. Your cleaning excellence will be much more respected if your home in Richmond always looks clean and feels fresh. Many people can skip out on ever calling in a professional cleaner if they just keep up with the basics themselves. Wiping surfaces and vacuuming daily or every other day will really make a difference and prevent excess dust building in your home.

home cleaning
- Take a moment to relax and unwind. This is obviously great to do any way, but if you are not focused on anything such as the television or your laptop then you will see what’s going on around you. You may be able to notice what your guests notice which is areas you missed or that could do with another once over.

house cleaners
Knowing your stuff when it comes to home cleaning in TW10 is just about research, practice and looking up new ideas and techniques. You don’t have to be an expert to have a clean home to enjoy and entertain in. Just make sure it’s a space you are proud of.

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