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23Dec 2014
Hard Floor Cleaning Made Easy

hard floor cleaning
Cleaning a hard floor may seem simple enough,
but there are a few things that are well worth considering if you are going to get the job done efficiently. You will find that there are also a few dangers that can be worth avoiding, in that some parts of a cleaning process may well damage the flooring in your home and leave you with a scuffed or stained looking floor. Dependent on the types of flooring that you are trying to clean there can be many different products that are offered up and recommended by various companies who fit and sell certain types of flooring. The issue here is that they can be extremely expensive as the companies feel that their recommendations are enough to narrow you in to only buying that product, hence the inflated prices. You will no doubt find that you have a great deal more at your disposal if you are a little more savvy about it. Whilst you need to make sure that your cleaning agency know what they are doing when it comes to specialist floors like slate and certain marble, the general run of flooring finishes can be cleaned with most household products.

water damage
One of the main things to watch out for when you are doing your domestic cleaning is that you do not allow for water damage in more specialist flooring. You may think that it is pretty much impossible to avoid using water when cleaning the floors, and you would be right, but it is more a question of how much water you should use. Avoid allowing large puddles of water to sit on the surface of the floor, especially if it is wood flooring, as this is a particularly absorbent material. Even if waxed or polished, wood can take on water, and crack as it changes size and shape, making things look terrible! If your cleaner allows water or oil to soak in to the wood then you may well end up with a stain that will be impossible to get rid of without sanding back the finish, and this can still leave you with marks that are rather unsightly.

clean floor
With many flooring types, you need to be careful of scratching. Most floors will have a finish on them, but some will not, so if you have expensive slate tiles, or marble or glossed concrete, then you need to be wary of scratching the floor with the mop. You will need to ensure that you vacuum your flooring regularly, to prevent the likelihood of any small stones or dirt being left there in places that they can be trodden on and ground in, or even caught in the mop and circled around, creating what is known as spider scratches. These can be fine and light, but still unsightly, so be aware of them when you are doing the house cleaning, as they can ruin an expensive floor in one fell swoop!

floor cleaners
When you are thinking about which products to use, for fear of messing up a specific type of floor finish, you will perhaps already know that one of the main issues with the cleaning products used in flooring is the worry as to whether they are the right acidity for the task. Simply using a PH neutral cleaner will get rid of this issue, and you will find that the most common PH neutral house cleaner is washing up liquid, the same as you use in your kitchen cleaning!

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