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07Sep 2015
Clean the Lounge Thoroughly with These Tricks

Carpet Washing
The lounge is the main room in a house that the whole family uses, and is therefore especially prone to built-up dust and clutter, which will be on full display for any unexpected guests who come by. Of course it’s your home, and although you can probably disregard the opinions of anyone who feels comfortable knocking on your door unannounced, you’ll probably be able to relax much more in a clean and tidy lounge. If you think your living room needs a thorough cleaning, here are some helpful tips to make sure you do a good job of it.

House Cleaning
The first step to take when cleaning your lounge is to de-clutter the area. Make it a new house rule that clothes, bags, electronics or anything else that’s left lying around in the lounge should be put away in its proper place. You may have a few ornaments in your room which add character, but take a good look around and make sure you haven’t oversaturated the place. As you probably know, these little statues and decorations gather dust faster than you can keep up with, and will give your lounge an unwanted, archaic feel. After you’ve cleared enough space, it’s time to get out the vacuum cleaner and go over the carpet a few times. The hoover is probably the most versatile and useful tool you can use for cleaning your lounge, especially when you familiarise yourself with its attachments, which will allow you to get into the more difficult, narrow spaces. If you’re using an upright vacuum cleaner, it’s a good habit to start off with a hose extension, dealing with the more frustrating areas before you tackle the floor.

Upholstery Cleaning
When it comes to cleaning your sofa, especially if it’s upholstered, make sure to cover the whole thing twice, as they can be a magnet for dust. Remove all the cushions and spend some time with a narrow attachment getting into every crack and crevice. You might gasp aloud when you come to empty your vacuum and see the sheer amount of sweet wrappers, coins and crumbs that have built up over the years. Curtains, particularly those made with a thicker material, can also gather massive layers of dust. When you come to vacuum these, make sure you open a vent in the hose extension to ensure you don’t pull the things off of their rail! Use your fittings as a guide for how to clean the dust off. If they’re vertical, move the vacuum up and down, and if they’re horizontal move left to right. Spend slightly more time on folds in the material, as this is where most dust accumulates.

Floor Cleaners
Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the carpet, sofa and curtains, you should notice your lounge looking more hospitable than you’ve ever imagined. If you want to push this great vibe even further, there are other areas it may be worth doing a sweep of. Walls, it may surprise you to know, can also gather large amounts of dust where they meet the ceiling. Target this area with a hose extension on your hoover, or better yet a micro fibre duster. The space behind the TV should be given even more attention, as the static electricity around it is a literal dust magnet. If you have a wooden mantel piece, floors, or any other surfaces, you may already have a product somewhere around the house specifically designed for cleaning them. While there are many great brands for this out there, you can make your own cleaning solution which is just as effective. Just boil a teabag in a litre of water, let it cool, and fire away!

Upholstery Cleaning

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