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18May 2015
Clean the Holiday Home in Fulham in Time for Summer

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If you have a holiday home in Fulham, you will have no doubt had the pleasure of cleaning it after the winter break. You will be eager to relax and unwind, but there are a few things you need to do first in order to make sure your holiday home is clean and tidy. Here are a few hints that will help to guide you through the process if you are opening up for the first time this summer.

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1)    Have a look around

If your holiday home has been sitting unused all winter, it may have sustained damage in bad weather, or from animals. Have a look around your property in Fulham, SW6 and inspect the windows, roof, walls and doors so that you can identify any problems. This will give you a quick heads up about any repairs that may be needed. Next, you need to check the inside of the property to see if there have been any leaks or other problems. You can also check in the attic, if you have one, to make sure you don’t have any insect or bird nests.

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2)    The cleaning can begin

Once you have checked the house in the SW10 region, you can move on to cleaning and unpacking all the things ready for your stay. Hopefully you will have cleaning products there or you have brought them with you. It might be useful to have prepared a checklist of the things you need to do; that way, you won’t miss anything. This can be especially helpful when closing down your holiday home for the winter. Many people would start with kitchen cleaning so that they can then make drinks and food while they are there. Wipe down all the surfaces, mop the floor and unpack crockery and cutlery. Also unpack any appliances you have stored over winter that you want to use. You can then move to the rest of the house cleaning one room at a time. Depending on where your holiday home is located, you may discover that you will have some mould on the windows. This can happen even if you have condensation collectors or use the old-fashioned big bowl of salt.

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3)    Other things on your list

There are other things that you will need to do in order to get everything ready. Unpack bed linen and pillows for the beds, consider carpet cleaning if the rugs or carpets are stained and dirty, and open the windows. Opening the windows will let fresh air into your property in SW6 and remove stale air and odours. If you are unfortunate enough to have suffered from mould over the winter, then you might have to consider sofa cleaning to remove it from your furniture and beds. It shouldn’t cause you too much of a problem, but it will definitely be an inconvenience. Another thing to check is batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, the TV remote is also a good one to check.

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4)    When the going gets tough

You might want to get professional cleaners in to help you prepare your holiday home for use. There are many cleaning contractors out there in Fulham who can help to clean and tidy everything, and many are not that expensive. If you do decide to hire a cleaning company, make sure you get a few quotes first and spell out what you want them to do for you. Whatever way you decide to clean your holiday home, you will eventually be able to put your feet up and relax for another season. Then you will have the pleasure of doing it all again next year.

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